The roots of a fallen tree sit in your abdomen
Too young of a tree to have starved the soil
Too grown of one to have left nothing behind

Where the roots haven’t spread, it’s safe and calm
But always adjacent
Burning the whole of you when touched

The last of it will rot with the years
Leaving only dust or - maybe - embers
But you feel the rings of it have long since mingled with your own

It can’t be torn out - too invasive
So you live with the fear
The hope
That a single drop would be enough to give it life once more

Outside, the garden blooms with spring
You will sustain the garden until early summer
Then parts of it will find new homes
Which you will visit

From the tree a new garden is being planted
Far from your window
But not far enough

Image by Sanchezn - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,